Family Portrait, Farmleigh Village

Amazing photo session for the very end of summer. Quick visit to Farmleigh Village was rich in colorful photos. AI servo was proper tool to operate Canon 60d this time for fast pace changing scenery and subjects.

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Female Portrait, Farmleigh Village

Long and rich in great shots photo session took place in Farmleigh Village, Dublin 15 this time. Nicolette and her dog were great models for warm Autumn mood. We are happy to present their moments.

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County, Couple Portrait

There was such a lot of fun shooting couple portrait pictures. A lot of ideas turned into great outcomes. It was already late afternoon and evening hours so we had to use flash gun from time to time in low light conditions.

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Garden, Female Portrait

Low light female photography shooting takes place at the lovely garden this time. We tried different back lit scenarios at the very sun set time.50mm lens turned out to be quite good and bright lens for that.

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End of Summer, Baltic Sea

Photography variation for the end of great summer we had this year. We are forced to shoot indoors now. This winter will bring more strobist techniques with flash guns and softboxes.

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Wheat Field, Female Portrait

Femal portrait is getting richer again. Fantastic and dynamic pictures were taken at wheat field with two cameras Sony Nex and Canon 60d. It was a challange as sun was very low but still giving a lot of contrast and very hard shadows.

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Clonsilla, Child Portrait

Children photography is the most time consuming also gives the best outcomes. We did indoor simple fill pop up flash shooting with Sony Nex and outdoor Canon 60d both 50mm lens.

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Corn Field, Portrait

The portrait gallery is expanding. We went outdoors and shot amazing pictures with help of our model and great summer weather. The great corn field was our theme background.

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The Hill Village, Male Portrait

We have visited magical place called The Glinka Village where we met our male model Lukas. He was a great model performing very well with us and our cameras. Please visit our very first retro/vingate style gallery.

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Osieczna Lake, Family Portrait

Last days of the summer bring fantastic family photoshooting at Osieczna Lake. We tried different scene strobing with and against the sun using Speedlight flash gun. Getting nice background effects was our target. We also used high ISO 1600 which is not really noticable.

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Chapelizod, Family Portrait

Having good time also shooting some pictures its always nice. We took short walk around Phoenix Park grounds. The two cameras which we used were Sony Nex 6 and Canon 60d.

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Leixlip Canal Park, Portrait with Dog

Walking the dog should be fun ! We took pictures of lovely and lively dog named Tequilla and also her owner Gosia. We were forced to use AI Servo for good focusing results as the dog was running very fast back and forth.

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Celestica Game, Leixlip, Kildare

I had pleasure shooting company match against two teams Lava/Money Penny vs. Ziggy/Nesta. It was a challange to get sharp images at very low light scenery. Ziggy/Nesta team happily won 6-4.

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Phoenix Park Pond, Dublin,Portrait, Ireland

Canon 50mm f1.8 lens was used by us for the very first time with nice effects. We kept short focal with 1-2 stops maximum from 1.8 up to 3.2. The depth of field came out pretty good.

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Airdisplay, Bray, Event, Ireland

Yearly Air Show took place at beautiful beach in Bray, Co. Wicklow. Amazing tricks were performed by proffesional pilots. The Show was observed by 80k spectators. We were forced to use fast shutter speed at 1/4000 and 1/8000 this time !

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Monkstown, Dublin, Portrait, Ireland

Salthill & Monkstown villages were both good spots to achive dynamic portraits. We use low ISO and also 1.8-3.5 focal. We used light reflector few times to compensate the shadows.

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Dun Laghoire, Portrait, Dublin, Ireland

Dun Laoghaire Marina welcomed us with blue sky and sunny scenery. We were trying not to get hard shadows. We didnt use any fill light or reflector. Wind started to blow later on creating dynamic atmosphere.

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Phoenix Park, Dublin - Portrait, Ireland

That was the last time Canon 350d was used. Kit and 50mm lenses were mounted this time. We had to spent a little more time to get pictures sharp as the camera body is pretty old model. The next camera will be Canon 60d.

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Phoenix Park, Dublin - Portrait, Ireland

Celebrating India Days in Ireland, Phoenix Park. Sometimes is better to get few interesting shots rather than a whole bunch boring ones. Sony Nex 6 was used this time with 50mm 1.4 lens.

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Phoenix Park, Dublin - Nature, Ireland

I got an idea to create some romantic photos while beeing in Phoenix Park. The weather was constantly changing so was the light as well. I had to use automatic EV settings to get proper contrast quality.

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Powerscourt Waterfall - Family, Wicklow, Ireland

We are always all happy when the very first sunny days arrive. It was a must occasion to take first family pictures. We start our yourney with portrait photography right here, right now !

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Powerscourt Waterfall - Nature, Wicklow, Ireland

The nature is showing first signs of living ! Wicklow mountains provide great opportunity to shoot nice pictures.

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